School group visits

School groups visits and activities from November 2017

Entertainment for school groups/groups of children :


> Rental of the "Nonpaléon" exhibition: 30 original drawings
> Reading/graphic workshop according to the book "Nonpaléon"

Grand Douaisis and the Hauts-de-France region by appointment
Contact : Freddy Pannecocke
07 77 07 50 09

The image of Napoleon with his hand inside his jacket is well-known. But what was he hiding underneath? The book "Nonpaléon" revisits the life of the emperor in 34 images: his victories, his defeats, the symbols, the politician, the lover and the tyrant. Enough images to learn about history while having fun.

A book with 40 pages in colour, with texts and illustrations by Alfred Walski, for children from 6 to 10 years. "Nonpaléon" is an original illustrated book aimed at children who are beginning to learn about history. There are about twenty illustrated and commented boards that question the true/false life of the Emperor. Animated readings, exhibition rental scheduled for November 2017.